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What will house viewings after lockdown be like?

07 May 2020

What are viewings after lockdown going to be like? The new set of house viewing regulations that will be compliant with the world of social distancing is due to be issued next week.

According to The Mail on Sunday, the Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher will be speaking with The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) to outline the safest way to restart the property market.

Based on the current proposal, there are three key changes to the house viewing format. 

You might need a coat... And a packet of antibacterial wipes.

According to the preliminary discussion held last week, the homeowners may be asked to stay in another part of the property than a viewer or even vacate the property temporarily to avoid physical contact. 

Additionally, in the interest of safety and wellbeing of all parties, sellers will be required to clean the property before and after viewings. Property viewers will not be allowed to touch any surfaces, so the sellers will be obliged to leave all the lights switched on, and all doors opened. 

It's all about PPE. 

It will be expected from the potential buyer to wear a facemask and gloves when entering a property. Furthermore, anyone who conducts the viewing, may it be an agent or a vendor, will be allowed to refuse entry to anyone who might turn up with a cough or looking generally unwell. 

It's no longer a family affair. 

The new set protocol outlines that only the buyer will be allowed to view the property, with a spouse or partner attending on vendors discretion. Children and members of the extended family will, sadly, be unable to join. Nothing will stop a viewer from taking photographs or videos, however. Plus, we can always help with virtual tours. 

Where there's a will, there's a way!

There's some good news! According to property experts, the market is expected to bounce back pretty quickly and it's likely that we will see a spike in property completions coming out of lockdown. 

Charlie Bryant, the CEO of Zoopla, said: 'The property market can operate in a world of ongoing social distancing. You can find ways around these problems.'

Further social distancing plans are to be announced next week as the new safety protocols will be sent to Public Health England for approval and potentially finalised 'within two weeks'. 

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