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Top Tips to Help Moving Home

22 November 2019

Moving house can be a bit of a tiring affair, and in all the confusion you can often miss out on opportunities to make it easier to get your possessions out of your old home to your new one. They say that in pretty much every house move, at least one thing goes wrong - but with a bit of preparation you can make sure it’s only one thing. With that in mind, let’s explore how you can make your move as painless as possible.

Before You Begin

The first thing to do is sort out a removal company. In order to get the best price check multiple companies and compare quotes to try and save money. It’s best to check online for movers as well as in the local area. You might also consider finding a company from the area you are moving to, as it could be cheaper. Make sure you let each company you ask know about any special requirements you might have.

It’s important to remember to book your move as early as possible - not only will you save money but you’ll have time to prepare. You can use the extra time to budget your moving costs, or to get the finer points of the move sorted with the removal team of your choice. Having a concrete deadline is much less stressful than rushing at the last minute.

Packing Up

A lot of people forget that starting a move means finding yourself some boxes. Often you can get hold of second hand ones from supermarkets, or retail stores which may be throwing them out. Storage companies can also sell you boxes although this will be more costly. Your moving company may also lend out cardboard boxes for the trip - a good moving company might be able to do this at a much lower cost than purchasing the boxes outright.

If you’re happy with your boxes, the next step is actually getting the stuff into them. There are multiple approaches to this task - either doing it all at once, with friends, as a sort of ‘packing up party’ - or methodically packing box by box over several weeks. Both have their own advantages, but above all make sure to throw away as many defunct or broken or old possessions as possible so your new abode will be filled with only the best of your stuff.

When You Arrive

When the move itself is organised you should focus on paying final utility bills and making sure accounts are closed and everything is sorted before moving. Also you may want to review council tax information and look into energy tariffs. When you move the electricity company for example may put you onto a more expensive tariff which you will need to change.

A great thing to do next is to make sure a telephone and internet service is linked up to the new property prior to arriving - this will give you your contact with the outside world and your internet and media needs as soon as you arrive, as well as giving you a landline number to share with friends and family prior to the move so you can stay in touch.

Settling In

Remember that you can check comparison sites to set up your new utility bills, and even change provider to find the best deal as opposed to sticking with the previous provider. Comparison sites are designed with people moving homes in mind so check as many as possible for potential deals.

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