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The Best Classic Songs About Homes

22 November 2019

Songs about homes are everywhere, especially in some of our beloved classic songs from the past 50 years. In keeping with our series of articles on homes and home related stuff, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a tongue in cheek playlist of catchy songs from various eras which all concern homes. They go back as far as the 1960s so stay along for an eclectic ride - see what takes your fancy. We’ve linked some YouTube versions too for easy listening.

Simon and Garfunkel - Homeward Bound

Nothing says mid-1960s like this notorious duo - Homeward Bound is another one of their signature songs about living a decidedly bohemian ‘roaming musician’ lifestyle and was featured on their massively successful third album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. The pair would go on to have one of the most notorious arguments and subsequent feuds in the saga of contemporary music, but while they were active made history with track after track.

The Who - Sea and Sand

Taken from the Quadrophenia ‘mods and rockers’ rock opera, in this track the story’s protagonist is kicked out of their home with eventually sad consequences… but The Who’s guitar work is absolutely timeless and inspired so many musicians in the years that followed. The rock opera format of Quadrophenia is paid tribute to in punk band Green Day’s album American Idiot, and the similarities between both albums are impossible to ignore. Both are great in their own right.

UB40 - Sweet Chariot

Arguably the oldest song on the list, Sweet Chariot was a prayer song written sometime after 1865 by Willis Wallis, a native American from the Choctaw tribe. Wallis’s song has made it around the world as a prayer, a drinking song, and even a rugby anthem. The UB40 version we’ve included is much more contemporary - it’s from 2003, but adds a reggae twist to this already well-known tune.

Madness - Our House

Well, this one was obvious. Madness’s house was theirs and it was in the middle of their street. This 1982 hit had a distinctly London flair and the band scooped up an Ivor Novello award for Best Pop Song. Madness are an example of one of the very few English Ska bands that achieved success in the mainstream. The genre experienced a brief revival in the early 2000’s on the American west coast… which a lot of people would rather forget about.

Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago

Is the entirety of Chicago their home? You better believe it. The Blues Brothers movie is a madcap caper based on the Saturday Night Live sketch series that made so many people laugh. The movie brought with it a best selling soundtrack album which went to the top of the charts pretty much everywhere, most notably 6x Platinum in Australia. Blues and blues rock will never go out of style, even though Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi might be ever so slightly over the hill.

John Denver - Country Roads

Mild-mannered John Denver epitomised a form of American country music that has since faded away from the spotlight, but nevertheless Country Roads captures the imagination of anyone who has lived out in the sticks and yearns for a return. Considered to be John Denver’s signature song, this wholesome classic notably went gold in 1971 and continued selling steadily until it hit platinum in 2017, well after the singer’s tragic death in a light aircraft accident. He will be missed by many for this and many more songs.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin Out My Back Door

Swamp Rock? It’s apparently a thing. Well, at any rate, Creedence’s style is inimitable, and this song is all about sitting on your back porch and watching the day go by. You might recognise this one from cult film The Big Lebowski if you kept your ears open - it’s just such an iconically laid back track. Creedence is still a staple of US radio play to this day, with the band selling a whopping 28 million records to date.

The B-52’s - Love Shack

Who could NOT take a visit to the Love Shack. The B-52's never failed to disappoint with their wacky New Wave style, from the likes of this song to the ever famous ‘ROCK LOBSTER’, you’re always in for a ride with this funky group. The Love Shack itself was, apparently, "a cabin around Athens, Georgia" complete with a tin roof. The 5 room shack sadly burned down in 2004 in circumstances police said were indeed ‘suspicious’. So long, little shack.

The Doors - Roadhouse Blues

In the early history of rock and roll, there was just one band that achieved stardom that shone this bright, and it was The Doors. Their combination of controversy, counter-culture, and a sucker punch style of jazz and rock brought them instant success, sealed with moody growling lyrics from the immortal Jim Morrison. All of this made for a band the likes of which people had never seen. The incredible fame couldn’t last however, and Jim’s star burned out at the tender age of 27… but the music lives on. Let it roll, baby, roll… all night long.

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