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Famous Properties You’ve Probably Seen On TV

22 November 2019

Houses and buildings from television shows are dotted around the UK, so we thought we’d find some popular examples and show them off. Buildings that seem mundane actually may have more history than they let on, and although a few of these are private residences there’s a couple of good spots you might want to visit yourself too.

Hilton Hotel, Watford - I’m Alan Partridge

Location of Alan Partridge
Hilton Watford - Location of I'm Alan Partridge

In this classic comedy series a belligerent, rude, arrogant, clumsy, tactless, yet thoroughly lovable local radio DJ spends an extended period of time staying in this hotel, after being given the boot by his wife and being fired from the BBC. Alan Partridge is somewhat of a staple of an earlier era of British comedy, and most recently starred in his very own movie. He was portrayed by Steve Coogan, and the Hilton Hotel in Watford served as the fictional ‘Linton Travel Tavern’ roadside hotel just outside of Norwich. Partridge’s oafishness lives on in almost every Steve Coogan performance to this day, as the actor has become sort of a back-pocket favourite for American film directors who want an odd, stumbling Brit to spice things up.

Zodiac Court, Croydon - Peep Show

Zodiac Court - Location of Peep Show

These real-world high rise apartments in Croydon were the supposed location of a very special flat. In the long-running series Peep Show, characters Jeremy and Mark spend most of their time here, either bickering or scheming or up to some embarrassing mischief. The series was created in 2003 by comedy duo Robert Webb and David Mitchell and developed a cult following over its long run all the way up until 2015. Fans praised the show’s main characters as both being extremely well portrayed, with cowardly and pathetic dispositions enough to make one’s skin crawl. It launched the duo’s career on TV, and although the pair are less seen these days in the ‘00s they were pretty much everywhere.

Botallack Mine, Cornwall - Poldark

Location of Poldark - Bottalack Mine, Cornwall
Bottalack Mine, Cornwall - Location of Poldark

This is indeed one of the most breathtaking places to visit on the list, and it still counts as a property because there is a beautiful old house overlooking the sheer cliff drop as you head towards the sea. Botallack is a disused mine which served as some of the settings for period drama Poldark. Interestingly the mine delved deep below the sea bed and half a mile out from the coast. Flooding was common. The coastline on the site is rugged, windswept, and in the case of some of the rocky outcrops, terrifyingly steep. National Trust signs remind visitors to take care of the paths, and the old mining buildings are pretty well preserved, brick husks though they may be.

Lacock, Wiltshire - Harry Potter, others

Lacock Cottage Harry Potter
Lacock, Wiltshire - Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice and Downtown Abbey

The village of Lacock has always had a bit of an antique look about it, and it’s been used as a filming location for a variety of films and television shows looking to capture some of its rural appeals. It’s appeared in Pride and Prejudice (BBC, 1995) Cranford (BBC, 2007) the movie Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box, as well as both the Downton Abbey movie and TV show. More notably however the village includes the house used as the filming location for Godric’s Hollow, a place in the Harry Potter franchise. The village was first mentioned historically in the Domesday book of 1086.

Bristol - The Young Ones

Where were The Young Ones shot

In Bristol, on the corner of Codrington Road and Broadway, lies a somewhat familiar house. Fans of anarchic comedies might remember it from the Young Ones, a series about a group of adolescent slackers of varying political allegiances, who spent most of their time inside their flat, ostensibly in this house, usually up to mischief. Whilst the series was supposedly set in London it’s a Bristol production, with other locations in the city being used as well including local pubs and shops in a close radius. The Young Ones was notable for an early Rik Mayall performance, which has been considered one of his best ever since.

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